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Marry in Violet
Eram quod es.
Arya's Debut :-) 
25th-May-2011 06:25 am
Arya Elizabeth has arrived at last! :-)

There were complications. She's TINY.

Tam's water broke, but she wasn't dilated at ALL, which indicates fetal distress, so she spent all of yesterday afternoon at Mercy, hooked up to fetal monitors. The placenta had detached. The original plan was leaning toward keeping her in the hospital overnight and watching to see if she went into labor; if not they'd have induced in the morning (this morning). But imaging showed the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck -- *twice* -- which indicated a healthy delivery wasn't necessarily in the cards.

Arya Elizabeth ended up being born May 23, 2011, at 8:54 p.m., by Caesarean delivery. As stated, she is TINY -- 18.5" long, and 5 lb.6 oz. The doc says the placental problems combined with the cord wrappage means she wasn't getting full nutrition through the cord toward the end. Apparently babies stay around the size she is now, and then there's a VERY RAPID gain in weight and inches in just the final days through final couple weeks gestation; unfortunately that's the time period when the placenta and cord wonked out.

In spite of all this, she was a 9 on the APGAR scale. I keep repeating that to myself every time I start to worry about her teeny, tiny size. No face smooshing due to the C-Section means she's unwrinkly -- she's *beautiful*. Tiny, but absolutely perfect, and Doc Riley predicts that she *will* thrive.

Corey stayed through it all, the C-section and the first night -- Tam was officially in a semi-private room, but they had plenty of space so no roommate, so Corey sat/reclined/lay out on the 2nd bed all night and day. He's got paternity leave -- starting today -- so he'll be home to help out for the first few, most crucial weeks. He left to go home and grab a few hours' sleep, as well as some supplies they'd left due to the special circumstances, but Grandpa Helios and I hung out while he was gone, and got to meet the nurses, the social worker, and the breastfeeding consultant while we were there.

We just got back, I uploaded the pics we took, and sent old Grandpa off to work -- he's got later 2nd shift all this week by request, so we'll have time to hang out and be helpful. She has a LUSTY cry and a tight grip -- I have a pic of her grabbing onto Hel's thumb, and he said she had a real vice grip! :-) She seems very eager to nurse, though there's a bit of a learning curve involved, and did a great job -- Tam has to hold her somewhat awkwardly due to the C-section incision, but by the time we left they seemed to be really working it out well.

I'm so glad she's got the rolling cradle; she can push it like a walker from room to room, and a full-size crib would've been *huge* for her. It's awesome that Corey gets paternity leave -- it's too bad they'll really *need* it (as opposed to just being time to bond with his kid), but wonderful that she's got live-in help! ;->

They're probably going to release Tam and Arya on Thursday. There's a possibility they'll cut her loose tomorrow, but we'll see -- I think the extra day's a good idea. So sez Doctor Grandma, hee hee! :-)

This was a bit out of the blue for us, since she's been having regular care and everything's been looking great and on course, so I wans't expecting any complications, but no matter -- her prognosis is excellent, and I can tell she's got the heart and soul of a fighter, in a teeny little baby-doll package, and I'm glad! I know Grandmas think their own grandkids are always awesome, but look at that sweet face and you'll agree with me: she's just *beautiful*! :-)

8th-Jun-2011 02:24 pm (UTC)
I do approve of the casting for both Arya and Dany -- they were two favorites of mine as well, ever since the first book.

Another fave from the books was Jon Snow, but unfortunately, I'm not really feeling him on the series -- too emo, I think. That was a tad disappointing, but overall I'm very much liking the actors cast in the roles! Tyrion -- wonderful! Drogo -- hot! Lyssa -- crazy as a fucking loon! :D

It actually struck me recently that choosing a name before the book series ends may not have been a great idea -- Arya had best continue her lands-on-the-feet ass-kickery throughout, and not become some tragic, downtrodden figure later on, or...well, I'll be pissed at the author, LOL.

It also struck me that there are characters I really dig from all the factions -- even the Lannisters, see Tyrion. ;-> And, more in the later books, Jamie as well (to my own surprise). I think the further he gets from Cirsei's influence, the better a man he becomes. And, obviously, there's no way all of them can get what they want, so it's likely some of my personal faves will meet bad ends.

Makes me remember: reading can be an adventure! :D

Just like Grannydom. Adventure without the downside that, oh, say M.S. for example carries within itself. Cuz yeah, that's an adventure too. Just not always such a fun one! ;->

Be well, Penny. :*
14th-Jun-2011 04:55 pm (UTC)
I really want Arya to become one of the Faceless Men, but she will have to forget who she was and become something else to do so and I don't know if she'll be able to do that... she is so tied to family in her heart still. (Not a bad thing).

I didn't like Jon Snow until after he was with the Wildlings, and I was disappointed he didn't stay with them... but I agree with your assessment of him in the show.

I loved Tyrion honestly, and once Jamie is with Brienne I started to be surprised at how much I liked him, too. I could see his appeal at long last. Even though I think they should have cast a much bigger dude for him on the show, the guy who is playing him certainly has the right attitude for Jamie so far I think.

I can't believe there is only one episode left in this series!! Glad they are doing a second series and that I will have the new book to tide me over between.

Adventures galore!

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