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I wrote something here when we had a couple stray kittens living in our yard. I wrote something again when "Bro," the more feral of the two, was killed on our street -- an incredibly sad day. Since then, things had been going great with Eddie, the grey cat, so I stopped writing stuff about cats, figuring I'd let the one the Universe apparently decided should be with us do the teaching himself.

Eddieboy cruised by one morning, with his pretty coon-striped tail hung low and limp -- it was broken. I looked around online, and the consensus seemed to be that broken tails aren't splinted or even treated really, but left alone to s-l-o-w-l-y heal. It wasn't causing him pain at first, so we gave him a couple days, but then he did something to jack it up again, so I got on the phone with the mobile vet.

I'm disabled, our money is limited, and we've got no 4-wheeled vehicles, so mobile vets, while a bit expensive, work well for us! He came out, but unfortunately, the break was very high up -- close to where his tail connects with his butt -- and because of the arteries in the area and its being fairly major surgery, the vet wasn't comfortable with doing it at home, and referred us to a local vet hospital. I fuckin' LOVE this guy -- he said if we had trouble getting a ride, he'd drive the cat down there himself. I was most impressed that he actually did what seemed best for the critter, rather than trying to milk us for all the cash he could get. Dr. Doss, San Diego County Mobile Vet -- anybody needs one of those, he's a good'un, and I recommend him.

To the pet hospital then. Yeah, his tail's broken and yeah, it's high up. She said it still might heal, so we gave him a couple weeks to let nature do its thing. But the pain was getting pretty bad, and he was exacerbating it by dragging his poor dead tail behind him everywhere, so the vet decided it was time for an amputation. :{

We had that done last Tuesday, and had him neutered and vaccinated same time. Poor guy!!

I know zip-all about cats, having been a Dog Person most of my life, but I'm learning now! He's got Buporiphene every 8 hrs. for the pain, but he's already obviously much more comfortable. Toward he end of the "give it time" time, he just couldn't get comfy at all and would yowl and growl as he tried to settle himself down, and it was just hell to watch...but from day 1 post-surgery, he sits and lies comfortably with no yowling or growling -- or even grumbling, really. :-)

The vet said to use pine litter or newspaper, rather than cat litter, in his box, and to keep that stupid lampshade collar on him 24/7. He goes back on the 26th to get his stitches out and booster vaccines.

He HATES the litter -- up till the tail injury, he refused to use a box, but we've been forcing him to stay in, and he decided to go for it with regular clay litter...but he wouldn't use the newspapers at all. He'll pee in the pine stuff, but avoids it. He DETESTS that collar, bumps into stuff with it, drags it through the food while he eats, even got poop stuck on it from dipping his head to sniff the box. I take it off to clean it, and he's like a different cat -- active, involved -- but he is interested in the general area, and I'm not sure how much grooming is too much. If he doesn't get to groom at all, it seems to me add'l problems might arise.

We're looking at the area daily -- the swelling's gone way down, he hasn't yanked the stitches, no blood or drainage -- but he had these little red irritated bumps on his ass. Not the stitch line, but below, where they shaved him. It looked like razor burn, but we didn't think cats got that -- turns out they do, and that's what it is. But I worried that it was something bad.

We've had him back to the vet a few times, and it's a bitch to arrange rides during their biz hours, and we've got over $1K on the credit card for his treatments already, so I really hope to make it through till the 26th, when we've got transpo arranged and are ready to get hit with the bills.

Not knowing much about felines, I've been browsing and Googling and such. Man, people are assholes! "If you can't take care of the cat, you don't deserve to have a pet!" "Any discomfort you feel watching his pain is your due atonement for letting him go outside!" Fuck me running backwards man! First off, I didn't "let" him go outside, he came to me from outside. He loves being an outside kitty, and is obviously pretty miserable at his forced confinement, so I dunno -- we'll probably let him back out after stitch removal, though I fear he'll bolt and never come back, so yeah, I'm a little nervous about it. And it ain't like I'm being cheap; we'll have put $1100 plus on the Visa specifically for Eddie. If he was bleeding and swelled and whatnot, of course I'd take him back in there...but, as with our own medical problems, you do'nt want or need to be running to the doc every time you get a twinge. If he was a dog, I'd feel more confident about my ability to figure stuff out, but he's not, he's a really cool little cat with a tiny little stub-tail, and I want to do right by him, but money and rides during biz hours (when all the people with cars are at work themselves) are a little tight.

In the meantime, I've got pain meds every 8 hrs. for him, and some anti-inflammatory stuff that he gets once every 3 days. He's got a lampshade cone for his head, and "Feline Pine" in his liter box. Having an injured pet, I've decided, is a lot like having a sick baby: neither understands English, so you've got to try to "translate" with soothing touch and sing-song noises, knowing the pet/baby looks to you to stop his/her pain, and knowing you can't stop it. I mean, Eddie looks to us to change the weather, y'know? LOL! "It's raining but I want to go out. Make it stop!" ;->

I'm comforted knowing we're doing everything we can, and in fact, following the directions of the vet, and that he's already so, SO much better, even with recovery from surgery and no more working balls (poor guy!). :{

It's easier with dogs!
3rd-Mar-2011 05:23 am - Walking away from Omelos...
"Who needs action when you got words?"

Who needs fiction when you got truth? Fight the fucking Power, already!!

It's been raining. Rained this weekend. We had plans across town and we don't have a four-wheeled vehicle, so we braved the weather (as we do). Wasn't too bad, cuz we waited for a slight break -- my knees were wet, but that's Ok! ;->

Till two fucking assholes standing on top of an overpass decided it would be funny as all getout to throw a fucking tire off the overpass, and down into the traffic below.

The tire hit the car in front of us, bounced (SMASH!) off his roof, and FLEW past my head -- sounded like a friggin' Greyhound bus was speeding past in the other lane. The guy in front of us slammed on his breaks and swerved all over the road.

We stayed upright! That's the important thing. It was a nerve-jangling rest of the ride, but we kept the rubber side down the whole way.


This kind of shit happens periodically -- fuck-nuggets thinking it'd be just hilarious to hurl heavy crap off the pass down into the traffic below. Sometimes drivers die, sometimes they're seriously injured, sometimes -- like yesterday -- nothing too bad happens, a bunch of folks might get shaken up, and the fucknuggets on top of the overpass race away laffing their asses off. When they do get caught, they get sympathy. "Oh we didn't mean for that lady to die, we were just a couple of silly kids, having some fun."

I think the only appropriate punishment would be to throw them off the overpass. Let Fate decide if they die, are injured, or simply walk away shaken up.


And yeah -- I'm definitely getting too old for this shit!

But we're alive and healthy, and that's a Good Thing.
10th-Jan-2011 10:47 am - Sonogram News! It's a....
I just heard from Tam after her sonogram.

This morning I asked "So, this is the *important* sono, right?" She says "Yes, this is the one where they'll be able to monitor the heart and brain development." I said "Oh...so it's not the one where they'll be able to tell the gender?"

She says, "Yes it is -- but that's NOT the important part!"

So, healthy baby = Important News #1 -- brain and heart development look great, there is a very HEALTHY bun in the oven.

Important News #2 = I will be welcoming my granddaughter, Arya Elizabeth VanW, to the world somewhere around May 24-25 (which means she'll be a Gemini and not a Taurus, if the due dates are correct -- the doc pushed it forward by a couple days).

Oh! This is gonna be just *awesome*!! :D
9th-Jan-2011 07:51 am - Mother of the bride
We'll be riding to the ceremony/reception on the bike, but it's not a "biker wedding." If it was, there would be no need for "outfit shopping," 'cuz I've got leather-and-lace!

Dear lord, but that "mother of the bride" crap they've got in stores is hideous!!! Seems to all be frothy, poofy stuff in either bright pink or bright yellow. OMFG, I would look like I was attending a costume party dressed up like a box of Peeps(tm)! :o

Yesterday, we hit Kohl's, Ross, Target, Fashion Bug, Shimmer and Wal-Mart in succession. Nothin'!

I got smart, I think: today we hit up Macy's!! :D Sure hoping I can find something there.

There were a few nice things at the lower-end stores, but couldn't find them in my size, because these days, apparently, NOBODY MAKES CUTE CLOTHES IN SMALL SIZES other than the kinds of stores where rich, thin women shop. Kinda the opposite how it used to be; I remember 20 years ago, there were plenty of stores that carried no sizes larger than 9.

These days, the same stinkin' places carry NOTHING SMALLER THAN A SIX. D'oh!

Can't win for losin'. Hoping Macy's is the right compromise -- wish me luck, the wedding is this coming Saturday!! :D
29th-Dec-2010 08:05 am - Yup...this IS America
Grand juries are supposed to act as a buffer between prosecutors and those they accuse of committing a crime. They're intended to protect us from having our reputations ruined by reckless and meritless allegations. In reality, grand juries have been captured by prosecutors. The American Bar Association notes that, particularly at the federal level, grand juries have come to possess "wide, sweeping, almost unrestricted power," which is "virtually in complete control of the prosecutor." In the wrong hands, grand juries can even become a tool for harassing a prosecutor's political enemies. The feud between Assistant U.S. Attorney Tanya Treadway and pain patient advocate Siobhan Reynolds is a good example.

Read more here:

5th-Nov-2010 06:27 am - Gift ideas?
It was easy to buy gifts for my daughter when she was a broke college student -- minutes for the phone, a transit pass, much-needed $$, all kinds of easy pickin's.

Now that she's employed -- and she and her baby-daddy make *very* decent dough -- it's a bit tougher. They're more financially successful than we are, and tend to grab what they need/want themselves. She actively discourages me from spending money on her at all. No hints there.

She's also pregnant, but what I don't want to do is focus exclusively on pregnancy/baby for holiday gifts, although there are some things that'd be handy for a pregnant broad that could also be used afterwards, like a comfy pair of stylish flats, luxe body lotion, that kinda thing.

Other than that, my brain's s-l-o-w in this heat wave. What are some good gifts for a successful, working, pregnant soon-to-be-married modern young woman? Links to specific items or websites are most welcome. :-)
21st-Oct-2010 07:42 am - Sad day
I haven't been writing about it a lot, but I've been spending a lot of time with the former ferals. Bro-Cat had -- after almost a full year -- got finally to the point where he'd let me pet him. He had just got to the point where he'd let Hel pet him pretty much at will, too. He was really starting to turn into a pet kitty cat...

This morning, in the midst of happiness over Hel's health, and the joy and fun of planning stuff for Tam's wedding and my upcoming grandkid, I noticed that Bro wasn't in the house...garage...yard...so I went looking.

Found him a little ways up the street, dead and bloody.

I think maybe a coyote got him.

I feel like I failed him.

I miss him.

It's gonna be a sad day round here.
11th-Oct-2010 07:04 am - Hel is home :-)
Thanks for the good wishes -- he's home, and doing awesome! :D

He eats without nausea, he walks without pain, he talks about how glad he is to be outa that place. All his numbers are good, and he seems to be recovering apace.

Whew! :D
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