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Marry in Violet
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When your kids are more financially successful than you... 
17th-Oct-2011 08:01 am
...it makes it more difficult to find the "perfect" holiday gifts for 'em!

Something we ran into last year, so you'd think it might get easier with experience.

Add in a new baby, and it should be easier still.  (Well, it's easy to buy for the baby; she needs everything and seems to be interested in everything!)

I figured "practical" stuff was still Ok, since if someone else is providing a "necessity," the recipient doesn't need to provide it him/herself, and that leaves more cash to spend on other stuff (like the baby -- little critters are expensive!) I used to buy Tam a transit pass on special occasions -- leaves her a hundred bucks to do with as she will. But now, SD Transit isn't selling passes through the mail anymore, you gotta buy "refills" for your photo-ID-bearing pass at specific locations (and bring the pass along to be refilled), so that one's out for this year.

I know Helios wants a Tablet, but they're all out of my price range -- except for Kindle Fire, but I casually asked Hel what he thought of it, and he said he's not buying the hype and isn't particularly into it, so...nevermind! ;->

I'm thinking there must be something that would make life with a 4-month-old baby easier when both parents have returned to work...but it ain't revealing itself to my mind! They've already got a bottle warmer, and use disposable diapers.

I thought of dinners -- my son-in-law (how odd that I've got one!) picks Arya up and drives home while Tamara's taking four busses back from La Jolla, they both roll in around 6 p.m., and that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for creating gourmet meals -- again, the cost is what hozes me.

There's got to be something, if not "perfect," then Close Enough, and I'm just brain-farting my way past it. Not surprising, since I've got a cold -- first one I've had in, literally, YEARS. Not the last, with a baby in the house, I reckon!

Hel's easier, since he likes odd and offbeat stuff, puzzles and games -- there's a ton of cool stuff he'd be extremely pleased with. But what about my daughter? Any ideas?  :D
20th-Oct-2011 03:35 pm (UTC)
What about babysitting "coupons"?

Or take a look at restaurant.com and maybe find a gift certificate for your daughter and sil to go out to a nice dinner, just the two of them? Or find a more family oriented place for all of them?

Seems like with a new baby, the best gifts might be the ones to let them have some time to themselves. Or something that makes life a bit more convenient or easier.

Do you cook? Could you freeze some meals for them to have in the freezer as a gift?

Does it have to be something store bought?
21st-Oct-2011 12:31 pm (UTC)
No, and we're thinking along the same lines: stuff that helps them save time spent on (whatever) so they can have "couple time" (or "family time" or even separate "me time" if that's the pref!).

Thing is, I watch the baby M-F, about 9-10 hrs per day...so babysitting coupons aren't necessarily at the top of my list! It's not that I don't love seeing her, more that I'm kinda tapped out by week's end, and evenings/weekends are the only chance I've got to do...everything else! ;->

(I'm remembering my days as a single mom, and how I'd work 2 jobs and still get the house cleaned every weekend and somehow have time to get some social stuff in too. I'm boggling at my ability to EVER have done that, LOL!!)

I do cook, and in fact occasionally send C. home with "dinner," and I know they've both appreciated it, since then they don't have to try to fit "cook and eat grown-up food" in when they get home at 6 p.m. So "frozen dinners" could actually be a winning idea -- thanks! :D
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