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Marry in Violet
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Bhakta Atheism ;-> 
25th-Sep-2011 08:23 am
Reincarnation, original Vedic view; I don't think it necessarily included transmigration in the sense that it's understood today.

It seems to me it lacks the value judgment of modern interpretations of karmic effect on rebirth.

Everything with a beginning (Brahma) exists for a while (Vishnu) and ends (Siva), then returns in a different form, and the cycle repeats.

When I die, if I'm interred then worms convert matter to energy, and the soil is enriched -- well, in a Green burial, at least. If my ashes are scattered in water, what were once my molecules feed the fish. Maybe some fisherman eats that fish. What were once my molecules have fed things, in turn fed on by other things. Just keeps on changin' form forever, unless and until there's a final end to everything.

This applies to stars, too.

I'm sticking this here while I figure out if it means anything, for me.
26th-Sep-2011 07:29 pm (UTC)
I've never heard of "green burial" and so I thought I might need to have a Jewish funeral because I don't want a never-decay box and I don't want to be embalmed. I'd prefer no box at all but just a shroud and drop me in the ground.
I used to hate the idea of rotting so I wanted to be cremated. But with much death meditation, I've found I'd prefer to rot.
My reasons for this are very weird.

I don't think about rebirth as karmically related. That felt like childhood wishful thinking of payback.

No clue if I believe in reincarnation where there is more than what you write above. I have a few past life memories and even more past life "feelings", but I don;t know that they mean a damn thing.
27th-Sep-2011 01:16 pm (UTC)
Green Burial info (site includes links to "Green" cemeteries in the U.S.: http://www.greenburials.org/index.htm

Like lots of things, it's interesting to me, but ultimately unaffordable financially...but it's there for those who both want and can afford to take it up.

Cost is a factor in my decision to be cremated, for sure, but I also like the idea of having my ashes scattered someplace nice. I definitely prefer scattering to an "ash plot" -- I dislike the idea of having one certain place where people go to "remember" me -- remember me in the back of your mind while you're out living an awesome life if you really want to honor my memory. ;->

I have some past life memories as well, and don't ascribe any meaning to them beyond "what I believe about them shows me something I need to know about this life." But, for me, that's more than enough.

That's similar to how I look at my K&C experiences: not a message from a discrete entity that follows me around cheerleading, but something from within that contains info I can use right here/right now. That's definitely the way it's played out thus far, so I see no need for major modifications in my views! ;->

These days, for me, it's all about the Leela! :D
(Deleted comment)
7th-Oct-2011 01:25 pm (UTC)
Oh, had to look yahrzeit up! Do you make your own candles? Could some of the ashes be used in the process of making a "Yahrzeit Candle?" That could be kinda cool! ;->

At age 43, Hel just got his first Class C license (we're driving around town in his mom's Big-Ass-Truck, which we've got custody of for 9 months while she's in Saudi Arabia!). He's been riding motorcycles since he was 15, and that's ALL he's ever owned, and he rides rain or shine, because if he doesn't, he don't go nowhere. ;-> So, really, he should be scattered via the "tailpipe method," I think, LOL. He wants an ocean scattering, though, so I reckon if we can't back up to the beach, we'll just sprinkle and/or dump what remains. ;-> I'll probably end up sprinkled and strewn off the View Point in Alpine, but I'm not married to the idea; I dislike ash plots, though, so I'm getting sprinkled, strewn, or plain dumped somewhere! ;->

I do like the idea of a Green burial; the expense is the major deterrent. Cremation is nice and cheap, so it seems the best fit for all my concerns.
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