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Marry in Violet
Eram quod es.
Bob Parsons, Mugabe, GoDaddy & the Death of Journalism 
4th-Apr-2011 05:24 am
We are not PETA members. Some of us wear leather, some of us eat meat, and some of us have gone all-green. This is not about elephants, or about narcissistic twits with elephant-sized egos—it's about how journalism continually fails to ask the right questions and confuses press releases with fact-finding. And how we all end up gulled as a result. (And if you bought into the misdirection, and you think Parsons is the Lone Gunman valiantly standing up to PETA, consider yourself an OG cyber-chump.)

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5th-Apr-2011 02:53 am (UTC)
The guy is an asshole. I've always hated their commercials. I should move my stuff but don't want to deal with downtime.
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